Mimi in Eagle Balance

Mimi Carpenter Loureiro
Many of you know me as yoga teacher and studio owner. I am also a nutritionist and an entusiastic vegan recipe tester. Cooking vegan is a challenge if one is used to relying on meat and cheese and dairy. However, I believe it has made me a much better cook since I have to emphasize more fresh flavors and spices. Vegan food has got to be extra good if I am going to please my non-vegetarian friends! Once a week, we have a vegan potluck at my house. Our house overflows with yummy food, fun people, lots of kids, dogs, and some libations. It is the time when all of us get to connect over a good meal and remember how important our friendships are.
As you may have guessed, I am obsessed with food. Food, to me, represents so many things, especially love. In many cultures, food is the center of the family. When guests arrive, they are offered and supplied food and drink. Often, in many cultures, guests receive what the family themselves could not afford. So food is a gift; special and often prepared with much time, care, and love. Food also of course is nourishment.  Good food nourishes the body, mind, and soul.  There are so many things that I believe should not be considered “food” in this context.  If food is love, then food should come from love; lovingly grown and prepared.  This definition excludes many things including most processed foods, fast foods, and almost if not all products that come from animals.  Killing is not an expression of love and respect.

Being Consistent
The dilemma we all face is how to stay consistent with our beliefs.  I believe that acting out of love and respect, including what you eat and feed the ones you love, will bring you closer to this consistency. This blog is a marriage of two of my great passions, nutrition and yoga.  This is about yogic lifestyle spilling into all aspects of life, especially into the foods that we chose to consume.

We eat and drink everyday.  It is the choice that we make most often and most consistently.  I believe this choice can begin the transformation needed in our bodies and the planet.  Food provides strength, sustenance, balance, comfort and health.  These qualities are also what are needed  to make responsible choices about the world we live in.  These things also provide the perfect canvas for yoga practice.  Yogic diet is about building prana and life force.  So, too, is a diet based on good healthy sun/prana rich foods. Does this mean you need to be a vegan to try these recipes? Of course not. Anyone can enjoy enhancing, and spicing up their day with something new. Salud! Peace, Mimi

Mimi, Bonnie, Ian, Luna and friends at Farm Sanctuary Walk

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