What the heck does blogging have to do with it?

So, my good friend Kelly, put this blog together for me from an old one that my friend Ian made for me. Confused? Well, originally I had all these things I wanted to say and show about animals, and food and community but didn’t feel confident enough to actually have my own blog. So, Ian set it up and made a link for my business website, o2yoga.com. I would send him content and he would post it. Well of course he got busy (like adopted two kids kind of busy) and didn’t have time to update the blog or whatever it was. Finally I pulled the link off my website because I though it looked bad that it wasn’t being updated. Here is where Kelly came in. She said, “Mimi it’s easy. You can do it. I’ll help you.”. What me? Write a blog? I can’t. I don’t know how. You know. But here is my first post on my very own blog!! I am actually totally excited and nervous.

What the heck does this have to do with being a vegan, or a yogi, for that matter? It has to do with being empowered. I had a pressure cooker in my kitchen for years but never used it. Why? Because I was afraid of it. Than my friend Diana showed me how to use it and now I use it all the time. Lots more about diana and pressure cookers later. My husband, Steven has been telling me for months that I should write a blog, but I didn’t feel confident enough. He actually started one first, which if you know Steven, is major. More on that blog and his quest to rebuild our 1954 bright hull sailboat later too!

Point is, I am feeling empowered not scared by this opportunity to write my own blog. It’s funny. I have been writing for years for my newsletter but this feels different, more personal, more open, more dynamic. Thank you Kelly for opening this door for me. Now that I have written my first post, I feel like I can do it again. I think I have been holding my breath this whole time.